Tony Currie
9,46 MB
14 Oct 2009

Do you like to read books online? Read the Not Quite Altogether Now! : The Pioneering Days of Radio Clyde ebook online. With our site it is simple. Register and download books for free. Big choice!

This book is an amusing and illuminating first-hand account of the birth and early days of Radio Clyde, Scotland's first independent local radio station. It is fully illustrated with archive material. It presents the action-packed story of the adventure that created Glasgow-based Radio Clyde, the first UK commercial station to launch outside of London on Hogmanay 1973. Brimming with anecdotes about the personalities and programmes of the station's formative years, the book also traces the origins of radio in Scotland. There's a chapter devoted to the story of the offshore station Radio Scotland and its influence on the future of Scottish broadcasting. Illustrations include photographs and memorabilia from the period 1973-75. Many of those involved in the station's early days have provided their own stories and photographs, and the book includes a follow-up on some of the characters involved in subsequent Radio Clyde reunions. Occasionally irreverent, frequently hilarious but always informative and entertaining, Tony's insightful memoir of the early years of Radio Clyde is sure to become an essential media read for anyone who listens to the radio.

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