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With a population around 2.5 million, the Quichua of South American are the largest of any indigenous peoples in the Americas today. Aymara-Quechua languages (which have many spoken dialects) are collectively the most widely spoken of all indigenous languages in South America.

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Ronald Wright
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01 Nov 2002

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The first language of South America, still widely spoken today. This guide focuses on cultural understanding and travel etiquette; offers tips for conversation, market shopping and defining local items; and hints for recognition of the Quechua voice, with grammar and pronunciation chapters.

or Quich·ua also Kech·ua. noun. pl. Quechua, or Quech·uas or Quichua or Quich·uas also Kechua or Kech·uas The Quechuan language of the Inca Empire, now widely spoken throughout the Andes highlands from southern Colombia to Chile.